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Fleece to Shawl

May 25, 2014
10 AM – 1 PM

Prize money: $500 will be proportionally divided among finishing teams.
In the case of fewer of three teams the total may be reduced.

Carefully read as these are several changes from last year’s competition.

Registration due May 1, 2014 - limit 4 teams
Late entries will be held in case of space available.  Your check will not be cashed unless you are entered.
Complete entry form for Fleece to Shawl and return to Susan Van Buren.


  1. Each team will consist of 1 weaver and 3 spinners.Fleece to Shawl
  2. Teams will supply all their own equipment.  (Spinning wheels – pre-warped loom, shuttles, bobbin winder, hand cards, flickers or combs.
  3. No drum carders, pickers or electric equipment.
  4. Each team will start with raw fleece which may be pre washed.  No other prep allowed.
  5. Warp yarn and spinning fiber must be 100% wool.  Handspun plied weft not to exceed 3 times diameter of warp.
  6. Pre-warped loom (may be handspun or commercial dyed or natural) and no fewer than 8 ends per inch.
  7. Completed shawl must be minimum of 18” wide and 72” long with a fringe of 5 to 7 inches.
  8. When time is called all work is to stop and shawl brought to the judges.
  9. Shawl not finished within the three hours is not eligible for prize money.
  10. Arrive between 8 AM and 9 AM.  Be set up by 9:45 AM.  Competition will begin at 10 AM and end at  1 PM.

Teams will be judged on the following 100 point basis.
Team work

  1. Attire – 5 pt.
  2. Spirit – 5 pt.


  1. Fleece selection – 5 pt.
  2. Overall Uniformity of yarn – 5 pt.
  3. Ability to keep weaver supplied – 5 pt.


  1. Evenness of edges – 5 pt.
  2. Even beating – 5 pt.
  3. No threading or threading errors – 5 pt. Fleece to Shawl
  4. Appropriate sett? – 5 pt.

  Finished Shawl

  1. Suitability for designated use – 15 pt.
  2. Aesthetic appeal, including design, drape and appearance – 20 pt.
  3. Finishing details – 10 pt.


  1. First finished – 10 pt.
  2. Second finished – 9 pt.


Less than 72 inches long  5 pt.
Less than 18 inches wide – 5 pt.

Bonus Points
Handspun warp + 10 pt.


Fleece to Shawl Entry Form
Click here for Fleece to Shawl Entry Form






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