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Cooking with Lamb

Smith Vocational School Lamb Cook-off
For the last four years the MA Sheep & Woolcraft Fair has teamed up with the Smith Vocational High School Culinary Program to feature cooking with lamb.  The students create original recipes and we hold a contest and judge the winners. The winning recipes will be featured at the Fair when the students come and demonstrate their skills and give people an opportunity to taste their creations.  The winners are listed below along with the winning recipes.

Winning dishes will be featured at the MA Sheep & WoolCraft Fair in Cummington on May 27th.
A demonstration will start at 11:00 am and continue until all of the lamb is used up.
Tickets will be on sale to acquire a sample.

2013 Winner
1st Place for the ground lamb competition - Jonathan Roberge, Lamb Ragu with Mint - Click here for recipe

2012 Winner
1st Place for the ground lamb competition - Declan Zoledziewski-Nygren, Shepherd's Pot Pie - Click here for recipe

2011 Winners
1st Place for the ground lamb competition - Katelyn Sheppard with her Lamb Lasagna recipe.

1st Place for the stew meat competition - Declan Zoledziewski-Nygren with his Spiced Lamb with curry rice recipe.
2nd place in the lamb stew competition -  Thomas Briere
3rd place in the lamb stew competition - Ashleigh Ely

1st Place - 2011 Stew Meat Competition
Declan Zoledziewski-Nygren
Spiced Lamb with Curry Rice
Click here for recipe
1st Place - 2011 Ground Lamb Competition
Katelyn Sheppard
Lamb Lasagna
Click here for recipe




2010 Winners
1st Place Sarah Malo - Lamb Ragu with Mint - Click here for recipe
2nd Place Declan Zoledziewski
3rd Place Mike Laizer
4th Place Glenda Brouder
5th Place Jovan Ruiz



Pot Luck Supper

A potluck supper will be held on the fairgrounds dining room at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday. Everyone is welcome.  This year the potluck will feature a lamb roast to celebrate the 40th anniversary. Please bring a prepared side dish or salad sufficient to feed your family to the kitchen by 4:00 p.m. NO BREAD PLEASE! Rolls, beverages, and place settings will be provided.  Both refrigerators and a warming are available on the grounds.  An Ice Cream Social will follow the potluck, featuring anniversary cake and a special ice cream flavor.




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