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Sheep Dog Trials

Trial Managers: Kate Collins, George Northrop, 978-249-4407;
Entry and entry inquires should be sent to Denise Leonard
Denise Leonard, 413-773-5232;
Wendy Warner, 413-743-4733,

Trial will run May 26th, 27th and 28th, starting at noon on May 26 with Novice/Novice and Pro-Novice classes. Saturday and Sunday will be ranch, open, and USBCHA nursery.

Photo Credit: Nikki Gardner

Mass. Sheep & Wool Dog Trials

All handlers are invited to a Pot Luck Supper after the trial (in the trial area) on Saturday.

In order for the trial to run smoothly, we will need the help of the handlers.  Please volunteer for one of the following work areas: take down of fencing, sheep pen, setting out sheep, announcing to the public, scribing for the judge, and secretarial duties.

Open / Novice Mentoring

The open/novice mentoring is intended to help novice handlers learn about sheepdog trials from more experienced handlers.  Topics can include judging and evaluating runs, sheep handling (sheep pen), spotting and exhaust work.  Open and novice handlers will be paired for one-on-one mentoring.  If you would like to participate, please check the appropriate line on the entry form.

For more information, go to: NEBCA TRIAL SCHEDULE


Past Winners
2016 Results
2012 Results - Saturday Open
2012 Results - Sunday Open
2012 Results - Novice
2011 Results
2010 Results - Saturday

2010 Results - Sunday



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