2013 Winning - People with Sheep photo by Terence
Blake, Ludlow, MA


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Sheep Show

Entry deadline is May 15.

Shepherds award: criteria for this award has changed for 2014.  Three top cash prizes will be awarded:  1st place $40, $20, $10.  Criteria:  40% Promotion of how you and your flock have been involved in the past years of MSWCF/  20% Barn activities.  20% Exhibit ID and 40th anniversary decorations.  10% Cooperation and general attitude.  10% Appropriate show attire.

The Massachusetts Sheep Show Rules and Regulations

1. Exhibits will be received on the grounds prior to 12:00 pm on Saturday.

2. Sheep must be free of infectious diseases. Sheep may be examined by an animal health representative before unloading. Please refer to the health regulations

Massachusetts Sheep & Woolcraft Fair Photo Winner
2nd Place Single Sheep:
Kat Parks, Amherst, MA

3. Sheep must be unloaded and penned to qualify for premiums.

4. The committee reserves the right to reject any or all animals it feels are undesirable.

5. All animals must be identified by an ear tag or tattoo and registration papers should be available where possible. Animals must be entered the same way they are registered. Direct registration questions to the superintendent.

6. Exhibitors are limited to two premiums in single classes and one premium in group classes. Sheep must have been exhibited in single classes to compete in group classes.

7. Premiums will be limited to Massachusetts residents.

8. Placing will be determined on the basis of quality of the sheep. The decision of the judge is final.

9. All sheep must remain on exhibit until excused.

10. Judging will start promptly at 1:30 pm Saturday and 9:00 am Sunday.

11. The management will not be responsible for the loss or damage of exhibits or injury to animals or persons.

12. All animals must be shown in short fleece, not to exceed 1 inch, except wool breeds.

13. The exhibitor must furnish grain, hay and bedding.

14. Any variation of these rules will be at the discretion of the committee.

15. DRESS CODE: Exhibitors should wear solid color pants (in good repair), and plain or farm logo shirts.

16. Entry deadline: 10 days prior to show date. An entry fee of $2.00 per animal entered in each single class must accompany entry form when mailed to Sheep Show Secretary. The entry fee for late animals will be $4.00 per animal. This will be strictly enforced. Use General Entry Form

17. Age of Yearlings will be figured as of September 1st. Lamb classes will be divided into junior, intermediate and senior divisions as follows:                       

Seniors:(with the exception of Dorsets)
September 1 –December 31,
Dorsets September 1 – November 30                                           

: (except for Cheviots and Dorsets)
January 1 - February 15;
Cheviots January 1 – February 29 ;
Dorsets December 1 – January 31   
Juniors: (except for Cheviots and Dorsets)
February 15 & after;
Cheviots on March 1 & after;
Dorsets on February 1 & after.

18. Exhibitors in the cattle barns will take down their pens and push any bedding to the middle of the aisle before leaving.


Number of Sheep

Placing Points


5 4 3 2 1

6 or more

8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


Purebred Sheep Show Classes:
1. Yearling Ram (over 1 year)
2. Senior Ram Lamb
3. Intermediate Ram Lamb
4. Junior Ram Lamb
5. Yearling Ewe
6. Pair of Yearling Ewes
7. Senior Ewe Lamb
8. Intermediate Ewe Lamb
9. Junior Ewe Lamb
10. Pair of Ewe Lambs
11. Pen of three lambs, both sexes, bred & owned by exhibitor
12. Family Flock – Ram (any age) two Yearling Ewes, two Ewe Lambs, owned by one or more members of the same family

Breed Champion Ram & Ewe Trophy
Supreme Champion Ram & Ewe (Meat Breeds)
Supreme Champion Ram & Ewe (Wool Breeds)

Market Lambs, All Breeds Competing:
13. Light                              
14. Medium       
15. Heavy

Fitting and Showmanship:
16. Senior Showmanship                             
17. Junior Showmanship
18. Intermediate Showmanship               
19. Novice Showmanship, under 14, 1st year
Senior, Intermediate, and Junior Showmanship will be divided by age based on entries. All exhibitors will show in proper attire with NO EXCEPTIONS. Use of halters is optional. Additional classes will be added if numbers warrant!

Small flock shearing available at the fair by appointment.

Aaron Loux will be providing shearing demos throughout the fair. He also is available by appointment only to do some small flock shearing. Please contact him directly to set up an appointment and for rates. Aaron's contact info: aaronshearing@gmail.com, or 413/634-2142.


Fitting & Showmanship
Market Lamb
AOB Meat



All Other Breeds - Wool & Colored
Natural Colored


Entry Forms

Click here to download the Entry Form


Past Winners
2013 Winners:
Supreme Champion Meat Breeds Ram - Dorper Senior Ram Lamb, Seth Gillespie, Weston, MA
Supreme Champion Meat Breeds Ewe - Southdown Yearling Ewe, Splendorview Southdowns, Cummington, MA
Supreme Champion Wool Breeds Ram - Corriedale Senior Ram Lamb, Sarah Para, New Braintree, MA
Supreme Champion Wool Breeds Ewe - Cotswold Junior Ewe Lamb, Vicki Rigel, Plympton, MA

Complete 2013 Results

2012 Winners:
Supreme Champion Meat Breeds Ram - Southdown Yearling Ram, Splendorview Southdowns, Cummington, MA
Supreme Champion Meat Breeds Ewe - Dorper Yearling Ewe, Seth Gillespie, Weston, MA
Supreme Champion Wool Breeds Ram - Cotswold Yearling Ram, Vicki Rigel, Plympton, MA
Supreme Champion Wool Breeds Ewe - Cotswold Intermediate Ewe Lamb, Vicki Rigel, Plympton, MA

Complete 2012 Results

2011 Winners:
Supreme Champion Meat Breeds Ram - Suffolk Yearling Ram, Elizabeth Niedziela, Hadley, MA
Supreme Champion Meat Breeds Ewe - Hampshire Yearling Ewe, Cara Thayer/Strawberry Fields, Cummington, MA
Supreme Champion Wool Breeds Ram - Corriedale Sr Ram Lamb, Lauren Rizzitano, Medfield, MA
Supreme Champion Wool Breeds Ewe - Corriedale Yearling Ewe, Christine Humphrey, New Braintree, MA

Complete 2011 Results

Complete 2010 Results



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