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Hanspun Contest

Spinning Contest Rules and Regulations
No entry fee or pre-registration required

Spinning Contest #1: Individual Spinning for Adults and Youth
1. Each contestant must bring their own wheel (no electric) or drop spindle.

2. Youth will be provided with a set weight of prepared roving.

3. Adults will be provided with a set weight of washed by uncarded wool.

4. Youth will spin for 20 minutes, adults will prep wool and spin for 20 minutes.

5. After these times the yarn will be skeined, measured and judged.

6. For adult spinners, winner will awarded based on the number of yards spun. Completion of spinning before the time is up will add points (1 per minute) to the score. Breakages will result in a subtraction
(1 point per break) from the score.

7. A trophy will be awarded to the winner. Youth Prizes Will be Awarded for:
1. Most even yarn
2. Fattest yarn
3. Lumpiest yarn
4. Thickest yarn
5. Skinniest yarn
6. Longest yarn
7. Most textured yarn
8. To be Determined.
All youth will receive a ribbon and prize.

Spinning Contest #2: Mystery Spinning
1. Each contestant should come prepared for a surprise.
2. Contest will last 15 minutes and everyone will get a prize.

Speed Knitting Contest
1. Contest is open to all ages. Youth and adults will be judged separately.
2. Contestants must bring their own needles, any size.
3. Contestants will be provided with a worsted weight of wool to knit.
4. Before the timing begins, contestants will cast 20 stitches onto their needles in any way they like.
5. Knitters will knit for 15 minutes. At the end of that time, the winners will be determined by the number of stitched knit.

For more information please contact:
Barbara Westwood fleecespinner@yahoo.com


Saturday Contests

1:30 - 1:45: Speed Spinning Contest for Adults and Youth
Drop Spindles welcome and judged separately
Fibert Tent

2:00 - 2:30: Suprise Spinning Contest for Adults and Youth
Drop Spindles welcome and judged separately
Fiber Tent




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