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Ross Beed


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List of Vendors

Island Pond Ice Cream
Calico Kitchen
Pats Fudge
Sweet Surprizes
4-H Exchange Club
Smith Vocational High School
Three Corner Farm


Mohawk Valley Suffolks
A Touch of Twist
Otavalo Textiles
Stephen Willette
Cobblerock Ridge Farm, LLC
Biltmore Yarns
Fantom Farm
Ackers Acres Angoras
Carol Adams
Purple Hummingbird Woolens
Snow Star Farm
Natural Specialties
Spinners Hill
Levin & Raja
Jan Marek Raczkowski Studio
Holiday Yarns
Fitzwilliam Fiber Farms
Evergreen Farm
Tidal Yarns
Spunky Eclectic
Winterberry Farm
Yarn & Fiber
Foxhill Farm
Queen Bee Fibers
Bead Biz
Sheep Frills
Ink Drawings by Gene Matras
Elihu Farm
Contented Butterfly Farm
Berkshire Basketry
Consolati Farms
Going Gnome
Windy Hamlet Farm
Mason Brook Woolies
Whitney Acres Farm
Artemisia Ink Studio
Purgatory Falls Alpacas
Left Hand Lazy
Kathryn Withers
Stitched by Jessalu
Alpaca Obsession
June Pryce Fiber Arts
Hampden Hills Alpacas
Foxfire Fibers & Designs
Wool & Dye Works
Elemental Designs
Saratoga Llamas
Ball & Skein
The merlin Tree
Leslie Wind Clasps & Closures
Justamere Tree Farm
A Riot of Color
Play At Life Fiber Arts
Haydenville Broomworks
Deepwater Dye Works
Ron Oliverio
Periwinkle Sheep
River Valley Farm
Woolies of Shirkshire Farm


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