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General Info:Kids Workshops

Please be sure to register for all workshops prior to their start times. The Registration Booth is located at the front of the Exhibit Hall.  Children’s workshops are open to all participants during the length of the workshop.  All adult workshops begin promptly when scheduled.  Adult workshops are for ages 15 or older. Children’s workshops require each child under 8 to have an adult helper at all times.

*Class fee is listed first followed by the material fee if appropriate.



Presenter Date/
Class Title Price Description
Annie Foley Sat.
Intro to Fair Isle Knitting $20 + $10 materials 2 color Knitting/Fair Isle Basics: Learn the secrets to stranded or 2-color knitting, how to hold your yarn in 1 or 2 hands, the importance of color dominance and more!

Annie Foley learned how to knit after her first son was born in 2003 and has been obsessed with knitting ever since. Inspired by Elizabeth Zimmermann’s approach to knitting, Annie empowers her students to think about and understand what they are knitting and gain the skills necessary to adapt and move beyond following a pattern.  With a Master’s degree in Consulting Teacher of Reading and a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, Annie has the tools necessary to help students learn and grow in their knitting in a comfortable and positive way.  Becoming as obsessed with knitting as Annie is not required, but is strongly encouraged!  Annie is fearless in her knitting and has explored color work, lace, cables and steeking.  Teaching is a way to incorporate two of Annie’s favorite things - teaching and knitting.  Now, if only she could incorporate chocolate...



Kristen Walsh of Scrap Felt Sat.
Wet Felting Flowers $30 + $15 materials Learn the art of wet felting realistic blooms.

Kristen Walsh has dabbled in many things creative her whole life. She has been exploring fiber for many years – first knitting, then spinning and finally felting. Kristen has been earning attention for her felting, winning prizes at the Old Saybrook Arts Show and Glastonbury Arts Show in Connecticut, selected as a Best in Show finalist at the Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach, Virginia and having work selected for publication in Fiber Arts magazine. Kristen also enjoys teaching and find great satisfaction in helping people who might not think they are creative find the creative spark that she believes lives in all of us. She has taught out of her home, at art centers, schools and senior centers, fiber festivals and fiber shops. Kristen sees no end to the possibilities with felting. She hopes to continue exploring felting through continued teaching as well as creating her own felted figures and other art work. Kristen’s work can be seen on her website: www.scrapfelt.com.




Ashley Flagg Sat.
Intro to spinning on a drop spindle $20 +$6 materials Introduction to Drop Spindle Spinning This class will be an overview of the basic information needed to get started spinning with the drop spindle, from knowing your wool, basic drafting, plying and setting your yarns. We will briefly cover each step in the process so you can spin with confidence. Participants will need to bring their own 3"-4" whorl drop spindle.

Ashley Flagg began diving into the textile arts after learning to crochet in college, then proceeding to knit, and when a drop spindle was handed to her in 2006, the real addiction began. Ashley founded her own luxury handspun yarn business, Artemisia Ink Studio Arts. Teaching is a source of deep joy for Ashley, allowing her enthusiasm for her art to shine, whether it takes the form of spinning and needle felting or yoga and kirtan singing. It's only a matter of time before yet another craft is added to the roster of this renaissance woman, who can be found in the woods of Western MA when not covered in fiber.



Pat Pawlowicz Sun 10-12 Needle felted beads/jewelry $20+ $10 materials Unfortunately this workshop has been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience.




April Albrecht Sun 10-12 Needle Felting for Summer Fairies $20/$8 Learn how to achieve an ethereal quality with your needle felting while you create these simple yet elegant seasonal fairy ornaments. Beginners welcome.

Since she was a small child, April has been involved in crafting of one type or another. Heavily influenced by her grandmother's natural artistic talents, April began embroidery, latch hooking and, later, sewing simple dresses and costumes in her spare time. After the birth of her first child, during her search for natural and beautiful toys, April discovered needle felting. Since that time many sculptures, pictures, and toys have been made and gifted. April is fascinated by the many possibilities of wool and continues to share and learn new skills to improve her craft. She is now finding time, in between raising her three children, to finish college, read, and create. She looks forward to meeting and working with people from all artistic backgrounds.




Theresa Drouin-Guerette Sun. 11-2 Spinning for Lace on a Wheel $30 + $15 materials Have you ever seen a lace shawl and wished that you could spin yarn that fine? In this class, you’ll learn techniques that will have you spinning fine yarns in no time at all! We'll cover different elements that can determine the characteristics of your yarn: wheel set-up, drafting technique, ply, etc. We’ll also work with various fibers that can be used for lace weight yarns. Participants will need to bring a spinning wheel in good working order, extra bobbins, and lazy kate.

Terri learned a variety of fiber arts from her Mom at a young age. From that start grew a love of handcrafts and needlework, including knitting, crocheting, sewing, cross-stitch and many others. She began spinning in 2004 and very quickly developed a passion for her newest hobby. Terri demonstrates spinning in many different settings (living history events, schools, farm days, fairs, etc.) and is always happy to share her knowledge! As a result, she was selected to be a SOAR (Spin Off Autumn Retreat) Scholar in 2011. She has won many awards in various Skein and Garment Competitions, including Skein Awards from the Northeast Handspinners’ Association. She has recently published her first magazine article in The Wheel Magazine (published by Ashford Handicrafts in New Zealand).



Rue Meeks-Johnson Sun. 1-3 Dying blanks for stripes and effects $20 + $20 materials Rainbow yarns are featured in so many designs, but so hard to find! Learn to paint engineered rainbows for double rainbows for cuffs, stripey socks, and more all on high quality superwash merino with Rue Meeks-Johnson, the designer behind Kama Suutra Fiber Arts

Rue Meeks-Johnson Bio: I’m inspired by the work of designers like Kaffe Fasset, and a Knitting Anarchist. I love the dark and moody as well as the floral. I study butterflies and bugs and feathers to find the colors beneath the colors. . As a knitter, I want brilliant, self-striping yarns that are soft! I want them in superwash. I want them from local indie dyers. I want them to have a small carbon footprint.

When I began making yarn in 2008, there wasn’t a single yarn like that on the market. Noro didn’t have their sock yarns out yet, and indie dyers were wonderful, but seemed to all dye in the skein. I started out making self-striping yarns paired with semisolids as coordinates. Then self-stripings with more self-stripings as partners.

They’re beautiful, no lie. They’re soft, and bright, and pure yarny goodness. It’s a labor of love, and it takes a lot longer than I can charge for. It’s art, because I’m always thinking about the finished project…what are you going to make from this yarn? How will the fabric drape & stretch? How will the color runs behave in you’re knitting in the round? If you’re knitting a triangle shawl? If the row count is 72? What if it’s 64? What about 128?

My knitting and painting adventures are always linked, always ongoing, always happy to be shared. <3


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